A grave misunderstanding of nature and its inhabitants, the gentle reassurance of a city street with one single tree, the complicated feeling of wanting to be fully engulfed by concrete. . .with all due respect keep me away from the natural world, I don’t know what to do with it.

In this installment of Women On The Edge, you’ll see work from Shanekia McIntosh (October 16th) and V.A. Doll (October 30th) that focuses on the feelings behind starting over when you can’t even get outside.

October 30th

V.A Doll, City Lights, 2020

October 16th

Shanekia McIntosh, Out of Context, 2020

Out of Context juxtaposes stills from a digital performance I had in the beginning of quarantine and pictures of my backyard from late September. In March, A friend of mine started a site to allow people in our community and beyond the opportunity to perform digitally.  I performed alongside two of my friends, Martine & Don, remotely. It was the early days and felt exciting to be able to collaborate and perform in this new landscape. Unfortunately, the performance wasn’t able to be fully viewed due to technical difficulties and faulty internet. I was devastated and to this day I still think it was the best performance I’ve ever given. I decided to use random and out of context lines from a libretto that I was commissioned to write before COVID. That project was completely abandoned. I still to this day think that piece is one of my best written works. Any opportunity I have I will resurrect and mourn this “failed” performance, “abandoned” libretto, it sent me on a spiral questioning validation, the white gaze and access. This was 7 months ago & while COVID is still a major factor in all our realities, I wanted to use the images from my backyard to represent this distance of time. How important it is for me to sip on my coffee and stare out the window at nature. I also really like the meme format and wondered how it would translate with poetry. I’ve had a few people comment to me after performances that they felt like my poem was a speech. So, I thought here’s an opportunity to present it that way. To me, this piece is another experimentation in my practice & alternate ways of presenting poetry and performance.


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